What is RLSA and how to use RLSA?

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Google click adds just added there awesome computer programming resources to your field of tools. Its time to get wise and start using RLSA in your click add campaigns.

Remarketing List for Search Ads” or RLSA

Define your user and know if he knows you or not and then direct him with Google intelligence to where you want him to go.

See this article:

What is RSLA and why use it?

What the Hell is RLSA and Why Should Advertisers Use It?

Extract from the article; “Want to stay one-step ahead of your competitors in your Adwords paid search campaigns and introduce a strategy they probably aren’t using?  In 2013, Google rolled out a new advertising feature called Remarketing List for Search Ads or RLSA. This advertising feature has gone largely unutilized, since many advertisers don’t quite understand how it works, or because Adwords Managers are content with their existing campaign performance. Let’s face it, change is hard, and after optimizing the campaign for Search, Display and Display Remarketing, why introduce something new that might consume existing budget or change the landscape of your account?” Quoted from ;http://nowspeed.com/adwords-rsla-why-use-it/

“Remarketing List for Search Ads” or RLSA

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