website audits

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Find out What is Wrong with Your Website with a Technical SEO Website Audit

Go beyond what free online website analysis tools or automated software can find with a manually reviewed and analyzed website audit.

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Professional Website Audit Report

Once your website audit has been performed and then presented for your review, you can either perform the recommended changes yourselves or utilize our web development services for an additional fee.

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Perform Mini-Audit Once Changes are Done

Once the changes to your website have been made, it is a good idea to follow up with another mini-audit to make sure all of the changes have been done properly.  This mini website audit will put your mind at ease that everything is setup correctly.

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Once your website audit is complete and all of your on-site issues have been addressed, then we can proceed with developing a strategic plan on how to improve your website’s visibility online by utilizing one or several of our search engine optimization services.  It is always a good idea to perform a keyword analysis first.  This will determine if there are any existing keyword rankings on your site that might be worth targeting first.  Then once keywords are established we start an off-site SEO program.  The methods chosen will depend on how competitive your keywords are and other factors.