Virtual Memory Windows 10

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Virtual Memory Windows 10

November 2019 - currently we have found that Windows 10 is struggling to manage virtual memory with the latest updates. There is a certain amount of instability caused by inadequate virtual memory on the Windows 10 platform.

This is especially prevalent amongst machines that do not have a lot of RAM installed. If the RAM is 4 GB or less there are marked instabilities when your virtual memory settings are left on automatic. This virtual memory has reared its head under the most current Windows updates.

By changing the virtual memory settings to "Custom size" after having it deselected "automatically managing paging file size for all drives" it greatly stabilises and even increases performance on machines with low random access memory (RAM).

"How to calculate Windows 10 Virtual Memory / Pagefile

There is a formula for calculating the correct pagefile size.

The initial size is one and a half (1.5) x the amount of total system memory.

Maximum size is three (3) x the initial size.

So let's say you have 4 GB (1 GB = 1,024 MB x 4 = 4,096 MB) of memory.

The initial size would be 1.5 x 4,096 = 6,144 MB and the maximum size would be 3 x 6,144 = 18,432 MB."

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Really good article on how to make the changes to your virtual memory paging file in Windows 10: Click Here to read more about it.