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What's in a Domain Name? Finding the correct domain name which can be associated with you and your business is a very important first step startup strategy. 

One of the key elements of starting a website is to find the most appropriate domain name. This can be exasperated by others already having registered similar names to yours. Further many domain name brokers are sitting on preregistered domain names on the off chance that someone will come looking.

The search for your unique identifying, rememberable domain name takes a very special type of creative skill. We at Digital Marketing Wizard  (DMWiz) have been doing this since 1985. Read all about Domain Names here on Wikipedia.

It is rare that when you start a new service you already have a name which has not been taken by someone else. Finding the correct domain name is becoming more and more difficult.

There are a number of very important considerations when deciding what to call yourself. In the ideal world, it needs to be short, catchy, simple and easy to remember. When an insurance company call themselves "Marmalade" you know that is out of pure frustration and mostly due to a lack of creativity.

During the years (since 1989) that DMWiz has been operating in the field of building websites and finding domain names one of the things that we have learnt is that it is not often that a domain name which meets all the criteria is immediately evident.

Recently, DMWiz had to help develop a new internet identity for a company that had been trading for 15 years with a really outdated name in a very name saturated market. It took 22 domain registrations and 2 weeks to find the correct and catchy easy to remember domain name that was also unique. Sales Quadrupled within a month after the name change. Cheapest change with a lifetime payback. Cost to the company for the new name was £13,000 but the return on investment over 4 months was a revenue increase in excess of £470K. Imagine what that would equate to over a year or two.

Don't let your domain name do this to you!

Domain Name failure

Domain Name Failure

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