Multiple Monitors – Multi Screen PC

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Multiple Monitors – Multi Screen PC

Being able to work effectively and efficiently in a digital marketing environment requires a very high degree of efficiency as you are having to crunch data and information as quickly as you can. The digital marketer has to understand that if he is serious about getting into this line of work he has to have the computing power, Internet connection, and a work setup which provides him with sufficient screen space to handle the multiple task environment that he is participating in. You cannot be a digital marketer if you have not solved this problem in its entirety.

There is very little doubt that we are in an extremely disruptive technological time period and the GVW (global village workers) is either hampered or empowered by his ability to use the technology available in the most effective and efficient way. No matter what we say the GVW is not going to be able to achieve the required targets in his work environment if his equipment is defective.

Myth; get a graphics card with multiple output ports(three or more). This is not really a solution it is just expensive and ineffective for the normal working environment.

Solution; get a graphics card that has two or three outputs and then duplicate the card for more outputs. Normally this can be achieved at a much lower cost and for normal work is an extremely efficient solution.

When your objective is to have a larger desk, workspace area, the only solution is to increase the number of monitors that you have in front of you. I have been working in a paperless environment for some 12 years now. My business is completely paperless. However, that does mean that we still have to deal with organisations that have just not caught up yet. The future is paperless. However I will say that I do enjoy taking a good book in my hands. For us to be able to organise our offices in a way that we can get the most efficient use out of the Mirage of data and capabilities that the hardware we run today has, the only alternative is to increase the screen space that we use on a day-to-day basis.

When you work on computers all day and you have a multifaceted business there is only one solution to have your work at your fingertips all the time and that is to have multiple screens. When I am in the office I am running three high-powered computers simultaneously. Because I have so many channels of communication open the best way to isolate my tasks is to have different desktops, therefore different monitors, isolated for the individual computers. I can then move from task to task seamlessly and focus a computer for a specific series of tasks.

The business “Multiple Monitors” at have an excellent article about how to set up your computer and increase the screen space you need to optimise your working efficiency. The following extract is the summary from their article;

A Quick Recap

Non-Gaming Quad Monitor Graphics Cards:

  • Poor ‘desktop’ performance
  • Expensive
  • Often need expensive adapters

High End Gaming Graphics Cards:

  • Great ‘desktop’ performance
  • Much higher power draw which can require bigger and more costly power supplies
  • Physically bigger cards which can affect case airflow and lead to build issues
  • Noisy due to cooling fans required to control their temperatures
  • No redundancy, if your sole graphics card fails then your system is dead
  • Usually require lots of adapters to successfully connect up to your screens
  • Expensive
  • Offer no real world benefit over lower powered cards

Passive Dual Monitor Graphics Cards

  • Great ‘desktop’ performance
  • Silent operation due to carrying no cooling fans
  • DVI and HDMI ports create a digital signal with no need for expensive adapters
  • Redundancy, if one card fails your others will still allow system access
  • No performance loss over more expensive gaming cards for ‘desktop’ usage
  • Low power draw means a lower cost of ownership

Hopefully you can see why we use the graphics cards that we do and why this ultimately benefits you and leads to a more stable and silent computer which is still more than capable of performing to your exact needs.

Sticking an expensive gaming graphics card into a PC is a way to achieve a multi-screen PC but it has many drawbacks for little or no real world benefit and it certainly won’t lead to a silent, reliable, properly cooled computer which has redundancy built in to it.”

The final conclusion is to duplicate the graphics card you need by installing multiple versions of the GT 730 graphics card format.

Reference: Multi Screen PC – from the pages of Multiple Monitors –

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