Global Village Workers (GVW)

We are all in one way or the other becoming a Global Village Worker (GVW).

With the advent of prolific Internet spread across personal computers, laptops, iPhones, android platforms windows enabled PCs and mobile phones the world (except possibly China) is turning into a global village. If we find ourselves in an Internet neutral country the human race is now exposed to vast volumes of knowledge which outstrip even the greatest libraries of the past. This phenomenon has all been made possible by the Internet. It is no wonder that the world's population is struggling to keep up with the supersonic advance of technology.

No doubt, the waves of technological advance and knowledge spread is having an impact on our daily lives in ways that we have never before experienced. Going to the office to do your work is also dying and in the final phases of reality. The employee of the future is the one who can leverage global village working (GVW) practices. One of the fastest-growing population groups in the work environment are the global village workers (GVW's).

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The Future for Global Village Workers is looming.