Ecommerce SEO


While having a high-quality e-commerce website is very important, it doesn’t guarantee that sales will happen right away.   Outside of normal business considerations when running an online store such as product selection, pricing and customer service, you simply cannot neglect the digital marketing aspect.  You should devote a large portion of your time and resources to make sure that your e-commerce website receives highly targeted traffic.

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  • We first analyze your current website and develop an overall growth strategy aimed at bringing you the most relevant website traffic in the shortest possible time.
  • Next, we perform an in-depth technical SEO audit to make sure that all of your ecommerce site’s on-site coding factors are error-free, search engine friendly and not causing any technical difficulties with the search engines.

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  • We perform extensive competitive analysis to compare how your ecommerce website currently compares to those of your main competitors, and how SurgeStream can position your brand to be equal with or above your competitors.
  • We dig deep to uncover keywords for which you should rank in the search engines, and look for opportunities for continued website visibility.

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