Car Cap

Car Cap - Digital Video Creator and Social Media Influencer

Andrea has years of experince as a U-Tuber and creating the most amazing Video material for private and for U-Tube use.

Video Creation - Digital Social Media

Socmedia in the digital media is shifting more and more to moving visual presentation in this modern fast moving world.


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Definitions and Further Information

Define "Socmedia" ; Socmedia is slang or abreviation for the "social media". From the wisdom of Wikipedia we get, "However, marketing and social media experts broadly agree that social media includes the following 13 types of social media: blogsbusiness networks, collaborative projects, enterprise social networksforumsmicroblogsphoto sharingproducts/services reviewsocial bookmarkingsocial gamingsocial networksvideo sharing, and virtual worlds". Qoted from :

Further we have already invested in various websites and domain names that are part of our overall Car Cap - Socmedia project: and

You can read more about the Socmedia project here as well: