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NMC 811 technology referred to by Dave Forest, Chief Analyst for Casey Research.

I suppose the email that Dave sent out to entice us to read all about this new 1-1-8 batter technology "that is going to take on Tesla" either read or wrote all about it in reverse order because he suffers from dyslexia or he just wants to throw us off the scent.

Referring to this new technology as 1 1 8 Battery Technology is actually not what it is referred to in the industry. It is really NMC 811 technology. (Note the throw off by calling it 1 1 8 battery technology and not 811 battery technology.)

"The most energy-dense cathode on the way to commercial availability is NMC 811 (each digit in the number represents the ratio of nickel, manganese, and cobalt, respectively, in the mix). It’s not yet perfect. The biggest problem is that it can only withstand a relatively small number of charge-discharge life cycles before it stops working. But experts predict that industry R&D should solve the problems of the NMC 811 within the next five years. When that happens, batteries using NMC 811 will have higher energy density by 10% or more."  read more here: https://qz.com/1588236/how-we-get-to-the-next-big-battery-breakthrough/

One of the most interesting comments made in this article ( QZ com - 118 Battery Breakthrough in NMC 811 ) is research done by Bloomberg on the manufacturing cost threshold for car battery economic viability.  A direct quote from the article;

"That’s still amazingly affordable compared to not that long ago. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the average global cost for lithium-ion batteries in 2018 was about $175 per kWh—down from nearly $1,200 per kWh in 2010.

The US Department of Energy calculates that once battery costs fall below $125 per kWh, owning and operating an electric car will be cheaper than a gas-powered car in most parts of the world. It doesn’t mean electric vehicles will win over gas-powered vehicles in all niches and domains—for example, long-haul trucks don’t yet have an electric solution. But it’s a tipping point where people will start to prefer electric cars simply because they will make more economical sense in most cases." read more in the original article here..QZ com Articles

One of the other interesting articles I came across verified what I thought, Musk is not going to be left behind his brain is what he gets paid for; "It is possible Panasonic/Tesla is already using NMC 811 for high-cycle-life products such as the Powerpack and Tesla Semi. 300 Wh/kg slated for NMC 811 cells compares well with 265 Wh/kg available from NCA. The Powerpack operates at full discharge for over 10 years of daily cycling, equivalent to a cycle life of over 3,650 cycles with over 70% capacity retention." Quote from https://cleantechnica.com/2018/03/04/exciting-developments-nmc-811-lithium-battery-technology/ read more about it there.

I find it rather disappointing when it feels to me people like Dave Forest have to stoop to deception to sell me into things. When we as investors are trying to scratch out a living by following someone's advice that is subversive, it questions the veracity of the information. Maybe I am just old fashioned and will die truthfully and poor.

So if you want to do some more research about (Tongue in cheek) 1-1-8 battery technology then just google MNC 811 batteries or follow this link; https://www.google.com/search?q=nmc+811+batteries

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